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About the company

The creation of a functional all-weather patio is both art and science. Understanding the spatial dynamics of an entertainment area, the angle of the prevailing winds and how weather conditions affect our product, comes with experience, and has a major bearing on our customer satisfaction.

Patio Blinds are custom designed by an experienced sales team which will spend the time finding out what YOU the client wants and needs. The blinds are professionally manufactured in our factory in Cape Town and installed by a highly experienced team, giving confidence in the end result which guarantees customer satisfaction.

Cape Patio Blinds uses only the finest quality materials in the manufacture of our blinds making them look elegant and stylish, at affordable prices.

Cape Patio Blinds are made for the cold Cape Town winters as well as for the long hot summers.

Cape Patio Blinds pride themselves on service and has a dedicated repair and after-sales service team which guarantees customers peace of mind.

Your Options


Sunstop awning is great at combating frustrating sun angles, strong winds and rain


RIPTECH has been designed to deal with the harsh climatic conditions experienced


Giving you the comfort and the supreme protection with our canvas editions


Our Sheerweave fabric has revolutionised the window covering industry with its unique combination of performance and style


If you are looking for sun protection for patios and balconies, then look no further than a Folding ArmAwning


Breezefree’s awnings come in a wide variety of designs, ranging from traditional  styles through to modern butterfly awnings

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After Sales Services

  • Repairs and Up Grades to existing Blinds and awnings
  • Cleaning and Maintenance of existing Blinds and Awnings
  • Recovering of All Types of Awnings
  • Removal and installation of existing Blinds and Awnings

After installation Add On

  • Velcro Protectors
  • Wall Cleats
  • Pulleys
  • Bottom securing Flip ups
  • Bottom securing Cam buckles and webbing straps
  • Sand Filled Snakes
  • Side securing Velcro systems