A better Choice

Riptech Canvas has evolved over decades of extensive testing and continual improvements based on feedback from the African and Australian continents. These two geographical areas are known to have the harshest and most diverse environments available for testing. Initially designed for military applications, Riptech is also the choice for the most serious adventurer as well as major 5 star Game and Hotel Lodges.

Riptech is manufactured in South Africa, using state of the art European looms and emulsion equipment, to ensure that all production variables are controlled and regulated. All aspects of the process are strictly controlled under an ISO 9001 quality system to ensure that the highest quality standards are maintained at all times.

All aspects of the manufacture of Riptech are in-house from weaving, chemical blending to final coating. This enables each process to be monitored appropriately to ensure Riptech meets the stringent quality standards that our customers have become accustomed to receiving.

The chemistry behind Riptech is a sophisticated cocktail of binders, anti-fungal and mildew additives, UV inhibitors and state of the art pigments. Riptech is subjected to a meticulous and disciplined manufacturing process, designed to ensure reliability and consistency of the polymer application process. Standard batch sizes are 5,000m to ensure colour continuity and we achieved under DeltaE 1 shade variance from batch to batch. Each batch then goes through a battery of internal tests ranging from waterhead, tensile, weight and colour matching. Riptech has the option of a water repellant finish and various flame retardant versions are available on request. Riptech can supply a blend of emulsion specific to a customer’s application and unique requirements. Be it a complete watertight application or the optimal breathability and strength ratio.

The fluorocarbon treatment (more commonly known as Durable Water Repellent, DWR) used in Riptech is second to none on durability and overall performance. It is a treatment added to the canvas to give it a water repellent or hydrophobic finish which prevents the fabric from becoming saturated with water.