Sun Worker Blinds

Sun Worker Blinds

Designed to meet new needs in terms of solar protection, Sunworker combines transparency, resistance and fineness with visual and thermal comfort. Made using the Rachel Trameur method of weaving, it boasts excellent mechanical strength. Its regular grain and micro-aerated look ensure transparency that filters both sun light and solar heat. The fact that it has passed numerous European fire-resistance tests (M1, B1, Class1) makes it an ideal fabric for use in locations frequented by the public. Sunworker M1 is available in a number of widths (150 and 300 cm) as well as in vertical strips.


  • Composition : 100% polyester haute ténacité
  • Finish : Enduction PVC double face
  • Weight : 320 g/m²
  • Guarantee : 5 years

The sunworker blind works as an absolute heat shield with optimal visual comfort Filtering 92% of the sun’s warm ray’s thus avoiding any green house effect and controlling the glare while maintaining a clear view.

Sunworker fabrics provide economical, environmentally-friendly alternatives that are not only high design, but also comply with the latest building standards.

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